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Periodic Table of Elements Birthday Cake

My son had a science-themed party. This was so much fun. He wanted a cake of the periodic table of elements. I originally was going to do cupcakes of each element and form them to represent the table and still may try this just yet, but he was only having about 8 friends to his party so I needed to keep it smaller, but still have all the elements. So, I used two rectangle cookie sheets and measured and cut out the table according to measurements from a poster my son had.

It was so late when I made this cake, so some of the details are a little squiggly. I pulled an all-nighter getting this party ready. I think it turned out pretty good though. I tried to get as close to the colors that were on the poster as possible. He really liked it and I had many comments on friends and family that they liked it. I definitely will try to master this one, but it was okay for my first try.

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