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Coolest Polly Pocket Cake Ideas

My daughter wanted a Polly Pocket cake for her 7th birthday. Since she thinks Starbucks is so cool to visit we thought we’d have Polly and her friends visit Starbucks.

I cut a door and window out of a mailing box and then frosted it to look like a building. I added green fondant around the top and around the door.

The Starbucks logo was cut out of one of their sample cups. I printed a Starbucks menu off a website and used thinned fondant to stick it to the building.

Polly Pocket Cake Photo

The table was made with an Oreo cookie wrapped in fondant, a pretzel stick and chocolate muffin. The chairs and coffee cups were made out of fondant. I used edible markers to draw the Starbucks logo on the cups. The planter is the bottom portion of an ice-cream cone filled with chocolate cake pieces, fondant leaves and frosting flowers.

The apron on the Starbucks employee Polly is also made of fondant. I noticed after the party I made the car face the wrong direction at the drive-thru window. If you make this cake be sure to have the car follow the drive-thru! No one else noticed though and the cake was a huge success!

Another Polly Pocket Cake

Cake by Brad F., Griffin,GA

Polly Pocket Cake Photo

My daughter wanted a Polly Pocket cake. I used the new Wilton Cakes ‘n More 3 Tier Party Stand as the base which made it easy to take apart for decoration and transport.

The floor tiles were graham crackers cut up. Pet pens were made of pretzels and Little Debbie oatmeal cakes. For the clothing rack I drilled holes in a cake dowel and inserted lollipop sticks. The shopping level was devils food cake. The food court level was butter yellow cake and the parking deck was white cake dyed black with black icing over it.