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The cakes in this section (and all of the homemade birthday cakes on this Website) have been graciously shared with us by visitors from around the world. You’re more than welcome to copy ideas – after all, that’s what they’re here for. And once you set on creating your own cake, remember to document the process and share your cake with us so others can find inspiration from your creations.

Featured Pool-Shaped Cakes

Fun Pool Cake

Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

This swimming pool cake I made for my 10 year old daughter’s birthday party, it was held at the local swim center and I wanted the cake to reflect the venue. The hardest part was making the slide to stay up using fondant. The best part was making the little people for in the pool and my daughter was delighted I included redheads as both my girls have red hair so she was really excited to see an icing kid on the cake. Read more about this pool cake…

Cool Pool Party Cake

Fun Pool Party Cake

For my son’s birthday, I wanted to create a cake that had a pool theme.  I’m not very talented at making Jello (as my kids don’t enjoy the texture)  So that part was just for looks! It was relatively easy enough to make. I baked a 9×13 cake and frosted it with vanilla icing. I sprinkled graham crumbs on it, to get the sand look. The base of the slide and the diving board were made of vanilla wafers. Read more about this Pool party cake…