Cool Postman Pat Cake

Here’s the story of our Postman Pat cake. My little daughter is in love with postman Pat. He is her all time favorite. So when I could not find a postman Pat cake in the shops or a recipe on the net I decided to have a go at it myself and I think it has turned out really good. My little princess loved it anyway!!!

postman pat cake

I used a square cake tin and baked four sponge cakes. (Got the ready made mix from Tesco, trust me it’s the best) Then I cut one cake in half to make the bonnet of the van, stacked the two halves on top of each other. The other three sponge cakes I stacked as well to complete the shape. I used seedless raspberry jam and buttercream as a filling between the cakes (that secured the layers).

Once the shape was completed I then covered the cake in buttercream and covered it with icing. I used red food colorant to give the icing the nice bright post van colour.

Windows and front screen number plate and all the lights are made of icing as well. I then took the time to make a little postman Pat and Jess from icing. This took me quite a while and it was not easy but they made the cake complete. I placed Jess on the bonnet and also made a little parcel and post sack out of icing.

The wheels of the van are doughnuts covered in black icing. To give it all the finishing touch I covered the cake board with grey icing to give the impression the van is on a road.

This is a big cake and enough to feed at least 20 people. I hope you like postman Pat cake and good luck making it.