Pretty Cinderella Carriage Cake

This cake has a pretty funny (now!) story. I was doing the cake for a special little girl. Her mother is a friend and I was very honored when asked to be part of her birthday celebration. After much deliberation over what cake to have for her Cinderella party, this was the chosen one. But since there was also a desire for a “princess doll” cake, we decided to do that as well so the birthday girl one just for herself.

I began the carriage a couple weeks in advance so that they would have time to get good and dry before I needed them for the day of the party. Also, I was expecting family the week before the day the cake was to be done….and guests the week immediately after….so I had to get the rooms ready for them once the family had headed back to Tennessee. (with the cake needed in between!)

I sculpted a pumpkin with rice krispies and covered it with hot pink and blue gum paste. I hand cut the wheels, spokes, door, curtains and other miscellaneous items such as roses, bows and steps and put them on the cutting board to dry for the big day. As the day neared for my families arrival, I placed them inside my oven for protection since I didn’t want them getting knocked off the cabinets and broken…..see where I am going with this yet???

Yep….on the night before their departure for home, my daughter graciously prepared her wonderful ‘spazagna’ for the whole family……in which she unknowingly turned on the oven to bake. It didn’t take long to realize that there was something burning …. The smoke and smell were atrocious!!! I learned two things that day 1. you don’t need to bake gum paste!!! And 2. Gum paste dries faster than you think!!!

I used yummy buttercream icing and my large star tip for the cake and after a lot of hustle and a late night all was well again in the kitchen. And the cake turned out okay I think….

I was honored once more when my friend’s brother(professional photographer Ben Martin) took this wonderful photo….