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Pretty Flower Cake with Butterflies

This small, but oh so cute, cake was a breeze to make. I covered this cake with a marshmallow fondant (melted marshmallows with icing and any colorant). For the flowers I cut out simple circle shapes and placed the petals down on the cake where I liked with the middle part of the flower on top of the petals. I cut out leaf shapes from green fondant and placed it under the petals before they dried.

For the butterflies, I printed a butterfly outline on a sheet of paper and cut it out. I then placed it on the fondant, rolled over it which then left a slight outline which I just cut out. I then painted it using gold and pink icing sugar and placed heart shaped sprinkles on the wings for a little something extra. I then placed a toothpick in the bottom and left the butterflies to dry a bit against a square bowl with one wing on the bowl and the other on the counter to allow it to harden a bit in a bend.

I placed a ribbon around the cake as a pretty border and scattered some 100’s and 1000’s around the cake so the plain board ties in with the pretty colors of the cake.

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