Pretty Owl Cake for a Baby Shower

This is the owl cake I made for my own baby shower last month. We knew we were having a girl and the theme for the shower, invitations and nursery decor, so I wanted to make a themed cake for the shower centre piece. I used pictures I found online as inspiration but ended up just drawing my own picture to suit the cake size and went from there. I kept the decorative lollies to a minimum (smarties and sprinkles just around the edges) as I didn’t want it to look too busy, but you could definitely embellish.

The saddest part is that it was so cute and there was already so much food that we never cut this cake! And I couldn’t face eating her piece by piece afterwards so it ended up just getting chucked (the only part that got eaten were the leaves), and they were delicious so I really regret not putting it out for everyone to eat.