Pretty Princess Garden Cake

I made this pretty princess garden cake for my daughter’s sixth birthday. My daughter has severe food allergies but she always wants a “store bought” design. I saw these pieces online and saw the design that they were used in and got to work. I tried royal icing for the first time on the bushes. Most of them came out looking like Christmas trees. Then I made royal icing flowers but I could not get the right look.

I used a 9×13 pan and iced it with butter cream icing. I used the airbrush color spray (which I think is genius) for the grass and piped all of the flowers. Then, I tried to write Happy Birthday and messed up the whole thing. Then I tried to scrape the words off and re-ice where I messed it up, but I had no luck. So, I piped more flowers and made it a whole garden.

The kids loved it, even the royal icing Christmas trees.