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Pretty as a Princess Cake for my 4 Year Old Daughter

My daughter wanted a Princess cake for her birthday. I had never made a Princess cake before and I thought I would give it a go. I bought a glass round bowl that was oven proof and two round cake tins. Then I made three round cakes and one bowl shaped cake then once cooled placed one round cake on cake board, with second round cake. Before you place it on top of the other cake use a round cookie cutter big enough for Barbie’s legs to fit in then, butter icing the top of the bottom cake and place second cake on top. Do this again for the third round cake. Now put the round shape cake on top making sure you use butter icing to join together then using a large sharp knife shape to desired dress shape.

Barbíe’s Bodice:

Strip Babie of any clothing she has on and use fondant to create the bodice. Once I had done this I piped the top of her dress for a little color.

Back to cake:

Put Barbie in the hole of the cake (should be middle), make sure she is stable. Roll out your fondant and using a knife cut a cross in the middle. Using your roller roll fondant onto it and roll over cake/Barbie. Ensure that the cut part of the fondant goes over Barbie’s head and pull down until you get to the cake. Now work in (rub) the fondant to Barbie’s bodice.

Cut bottom of fondant to create the flowing dress look, move to desired waviness.  Do the above step until dress is layered like the picture or you could just have one layer. Using the piping I went along the bottom of each layer of fondant to create more color.  I also piped flowers on the dress and pink glitter to the bodice. I piped a ribbon where the fondant came together at the bodice to help cover any issue’s.

My daughter and friends/ family still think it’s an unreal cake. Looks hard but it’s not that hard to do once you get going.

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