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It’s Raining Unicorns and Rainicorn Birthday Cake

First I baked the cake in a parchment lined 9 x 13” pan. Let it cool. Cover with homemade chocolate butter cream icing. Then I did the lines with the icing spreader.

To do the emblem, I printed a Rainicorn colouring page off the internet, traced the image on the backside.  Then I taped it to the underside of a plate a glass, so the image is reversed to look at it. After that, I taped a piece of parchment to the top of the glass.  I made vanilla butter cream and dyed it all the colors I needed to make the design. Put the separate colors in Ziploc bags and snipped a small bit of the corner off to make a decorator bag.

I started by tracing the outline in black, and then using the colors to fill in the characters according to images. Once all the colors were done, I covered the entire back in chocolate icing so it would blend in with the cake once I placed it on.  I put the whole emblem in the freezer to let it harden.

Once firm, I peeled off the parchment quickly and placed it on the cake and filled the gaps between the cake and the emblem with chocolate icing.

Then I squeezed all the extra icing colours into one decorator bag and used it to trim the cake, so it came out in rainbow colours.

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