This is one of my best wedding cakes yet.

This cake took 216 total flowers as most of them are doubled and 132 edible bling diamonds.  Yes there are edible diamonds in every flower on this cake.

This wedding cake was for my best friend.  This cake was so heavy! It was this was 14” 12” & 10” and each tier 5” tall.

The flavors were Chocolate Cake w/Chocolate Buttercream, Strawberry w/Fresh Strawberry Buttercream and Almond Cake w/Vanilla Bean Buttercream (my fave).

I am a little OCD and over cautious with structure. Every tiered cake I do I make my bases out of these 17 3/8” boards I buy at Home Depot. I put a flange in the middle and I use either PVC or a Metal sterilized pipe. This costs under $10 to make. In between each tier they each have a cardboard cake board and I use around 7 bubble tea straws for stability.

Knock on wood I have yet to lose a cake.