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Red Carpet Superstar Cake

This cake was made for a 5 yr old that loves being center stage.  He loves music and loves performing. His mom thought that it would be great to have him a “Red Carpet” cake.

This is a 1/2 chocolate sheet cake with vanilla butter cream icing.  The decor was pretty simple. The red carpet is made out of red sugar sheets.  I ran out of the sheet once I got to the bottom so I just used the star tip to finish it out. I used black icing for the musical notes. The star was grey icing.  The red icing rope with the gold icing post around the cake are just mixtures of gel colors added to vanilla butter cream.

The stage is just a couple of pieces of cake stacked together and then placed icing on them. The star was made from a jello aluminum tin that I poured cake mix into and then I baked it for 15 mins. and after it cooled, popped it out.  I put icing on it and then I sprayed it with Silver spray bought from Walmart.

This was a very simple cake that he really loved.  He really felt like a Superstar.

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