Red Dragon Cake for 10-Year-Old Boy

Every year I am challenged to make a cake based on the theme my son chooses.  For his 10th birthday he wanted a Red Dragon, to match his newly decorated bedroom. To make this cake I used two boxes of chocolate cake mix. I baked one box in a Bunt pan and the other in two loaf pans.

After cooling the bunt cake was cut in half and attached to form the S shape. One loaf pan was used for the Dragon’s head and the other was cut up for the legs, tail and raised facial features. I used 2 cans of white frosting and tinted it with red gel food coloring.  Liquorice was used for the antennas, whiskers and claws.  Black gel food coloring for nostrils and eyelids.  Yellow tart candies for the eyes and black berry candies for the spikes on the back.

The 10 boys that attended his party thought this was the coolest cake they had ever seen.