Coolest Red Velvet Octopus Birthday Cake

My best friend asked me to make a “simple” birthday cake for her little girl’s birthday. So I decided to get my sister involved and whip up a Red Velvet Octopus cake with the works. My favorite part about making the cake would have to be the detail. Like the tentacles with their little suction cups or the treasure chest with its little gold money or even the key hole.

We had a difficult time with the number 5 and the tentacle holding it. The 5 broke and we almost gave up on putting the 5 on at all. But we managed to fix it all and have it done by 2:00amMy best friend’s face was priceless and her daughter’s response to the cake was “she made me an octopus cake because I’m a good little swimmer”.

Red Velvet Octopus Birthday Cake