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The cakes in this section (and all of the homemade birthday cakes on this Website) have been graciously shared with us by visitors from around the world. You’re more than welcome to copy ideas – after all, that’s what they’re here for. And once you set on creating your own cake, remember to document the process and share your cake with us so others can find inspiration from your creations.

Featured Medicine and Science Cake Ideas

Coolest OR Cake

OR Cake

I have been working as a nurse in OR and am now studying medicine. I really loved my work and already made an OR-cake for my team as I left hospital. Now it was a fellow student’s birthday. She loves surgery too and wants to become a surgeon. I thought of copying the design I did some years ago but then I imagined how about going one step further and displaying not the room itself but the sterile field. Read more about this OR cake…

Nursing School Graduate Cake

Nursing Graduate Cake

I made this Nursing School graduate cake for my niece who just graduated from Nursing School. First I made the pattern for the shape. I had to measure and make sure the dimensions would fit with the cake pan that I was going to use. Once I finished the pattern I had to start making the decorations for the cake.

I started with the pill bottle and pills first using a mixture of fondant and gum paste, then divided it up and added the colors I needed for the  bottle and the pills, shaped them and then I used an edible marker for the writing. Read more about this Nursing School Graduate cake…