Cool 3D Sculpted Sword Cake

This was my first 3D sculpted cake and I’ll tell you what, it’s not as easy as Google search how-to-guides say they are! This took more hours to create than it did potty training my 4 year old.

This cake was a life-size replica of the Zar’roc sword from the Eragon movie. It was a birthday present for an adult which meant the details had to be flawless! Carving was easy, the fondant was easy, but the final steps? Definitely NOT easy. It took 7 hours, that’s right, SEVEN HOURS to mold, dent, undent, fix, restart and finally paint this sword. I had an ipad, phone and computer set to each different shot of this sword so that I could see it clear enough to reproduce.

The crystal on the hilt of the sword was actually edible and made from isomalt that I didn’t realize would heat up the glass it was melted in like a conductor. And did I mention the first batch of melted sugar I dropped on my thumb?! Needless to say, I learned a LOT about realistic cakes. They look amazing and I respect any and every cake artist that ever had to make one.

This cake may have been a pain in the behind, but the end result was so worth it. The cake looked amazing. Even my son thought it was real. After all the cuts, burns and dyed fingers, I couldn’t believe that I had finished that cake. It looked so real, I couldn’t believe it was a cake! And the picture did NOT do it justice. It took me 13 hours to finish. After all, it was about 4 feet long! And my kitchen looked like Taz from Looney Tunes came through it.

Words to the wise… Isomalt is VERY hot. Wear gloves when painting with food colors. Don’t let your 3 year old near a sword cake. And never, ever, ever, ever… give up! You may hate the cake half way through and swear up and down as you curse out loud that you never want to make a cake again! But, by the end of it, you are rejuvenated and cannot wait to make another!