Simple Cars Cake

Hello Cakers, ever wondered what would happen if you kept your cake simple. Well, here is the story of my six year old’s son’s cake! I had grand plans to carve a Cars cake. I did a practice run, everything was great. I did a beautiful carved car. However, reality of  a busy life and reality of creating super fancy cakes are two different things! Being a busy mom of four children time became a factor with producing a cake.

So, has with life I always have a plan B! A basic sheet cake it would be. My son asked for chocolate and Lighting Mcqueen cake! I cheated, a box cake mix, Betty to the rescue!  Pre made icing Satin ice vanallia! Pre made fondant Satin ice. Plus I bought figures! A total keep it simple cake!

The steps to making the sheet cake. I pre sprayed the stand by cake sheet tin and in went Betty, the cake mix! Then let my cake cool. Give it a good cool in the fridge for at least two hours. This is the best, part line your cookie sheet with foil. Place your cake back in the pan. Now crumb coat with the butter cream! A little taste is always good! Then on went the red fondant. Almost done. next, take your black fondant roll out. Then, take your white fondant roll out. Take the small square cutter from the Wilton set. Next, cut squares, lots and lots of squares! Alternate the colors black and white around the cake.

This is where my kids get to help me. They love cutting the squares and alternating the pattern around the cake. The last item was the number. I made out of black fondant and white left over pieces. Place figures on the cake and do the writing. Presto, you have a cake for a party! My son’s party was at a local gym. The simple cake was a hit!  My biggest fan, my son loved it. The best compliments I got was where did you buy the cake and do you sell cakes! The very bet compliment is the shear joy on every ones face from cake!

Simple Cars Cake

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