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Cool Sitting Pretty 60th Birthday Cake

So this cake was for my mothers 60th birthday. It was a two layer gluten free chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling and covered in blue fondant. The figure is made entirely of fondant and I made to look like my mother. The banner is also made of fondant. I used a box mix for the cake itself so that part was easy enough. The jam filling was also store bought.

First I will describe how I mad the figure of my mom as that was the hardest part.  I had to make the figure over 2-3 days since it was my first time trying this it took me awhile but I was very happy with the outcome. I had seen it shown step by step in a book I had so I had that to guide me for the basic shape. I started with the base of the body shaping to get right size. I then wrapped a thin rolled out layer of the blue and wrapped it around the body base to create the scarf effect around the neck.

I wanted to add little details like the lip stick and the purse and shoe cut outs because my mom likes to look nice and loves her shoes. The hardest part was getting the hair to look right. She has wavy hair and I didn’t want the fondant to just look like strings of fondant. That took the longest because honestly store bought black fondant had a very weird texture to it so I had to soften it was a little shortening. This was really trial and error.

The best part of the this cake was my mom reaction. She laughed so hard at the little figure of her. That was worth all the time and effort.


60th Birthday Cake

60h Birthday Cake