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Coolest Roller Skate Cake

Here’s how I came up with this roller skate cake. I like to test decorating techniques on friends and they allow me to. And if given enough “thinking” time I come up with some doozies. This was a roller skating party for 30 kids plus 30 adults (a lot of exposure for my business if I wanted it).

For this skate cake I used basic oval pans with the Wilton Ball pillars separating them. The pillars are covered with fondant using piping gel as glue. The cake is frosted in traditional buttercream but I add about a cup of flour to mine so it isn’t so sweet. (Balance out with milk). The skate on top is fondant drawn freehand. It’s about 1/4″ thick and details are added using piping gel as glue.

I cut a backing of cardboard to the skate. A really great tip: if you cut the cardboard backing just right basic 6″ or 8″ lollipop sticks slide up the inside ridges of the cardboard and you can use these sticks to stand the object up on the cake. All stars and letters are fondant cut with cutters found at craft stores. Some are put on wire (using piping gel as glue) and inserted into the cake or placed on the cake itself using a dot of icing.

The items travel well when separate and put together with ease on the skate cake at the party. Be sure and assemble all pieces prior to the party so that you can troubleshoot any height or weight issues!

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