Sleepy Little Princess Cake

I actually purchased the pans for this pillow cake and wish I had just carved it instead. The pans are great but, you loose so much cake flattening them out to stack.

It was a fun cake to do, for a little princesses birthday. It was a vanilla cake with a cream cheese filling. Frosted with buttercream frosting with cream cheese flavoring. I find that this is easier and more economical to just add flavor to the frosting to cover the cake.

I have found a great way to make it look like material, I use my hand, washed it thoroughly of course, and that gives it a texture of material. The crown was just a simple piece to make. Modeling chocolate and small amount of fondant for firmness.

The hard part was keeping my husband away from it till it formed and hardened; he loves my cakes. The little girl that this was made for was just excited to see it. She told her mom, wow how does she do that. I just love to make everyone happy, with my cakes.

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