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Cool Snail Cake Ideas

I used a round baking tin to make this snail cake. I made a coil of icing on top of the cake. I then covered it in yellow icing. I made the body. I pressed lots of tiny circles in it and varnished the body with edible varnish for slime effect.

Another Snail Cake

Cake by Tiffany L., Medford, OR

Snail Cake

I was asked at the last minute to do create a cake in the shape of a snail for my best friend’s birthday. I used a round cake pan and a horse shoe that later I cut and carved for the head and tail.

To color the snail I made two colors and blobbed them on the shell and then smoothed in a snail home shape. For the eyes I used candy melts and to pipe the antennas I just cut the corner off a plastic bag and squeezed.

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