Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck 30th Birthday Cake

I have no real cake training and have been self teaching for a few years by trial and error (making cakes for family and friends). I love a challenge and this certainly challenged me on such a short notice. I get lost in cakes. I started doing them for the therapy type movements in my hands. My mother bakes and cleans my mess and I do the decorating when we make a cake. I have fibromyalgia and RH therefore some days are a struggle.

I was asked by my sister’s boyfriend to help him out with a cake for her 30th birthday.I had been up for a couple days hurting but didn’t let him know that. He was soo excited I couldn’t tell him no.

I had no Idea what to make her but she loved the song Somethin’ Bout a Truck.  So we started with that idea.. later on he said she really likes sunflowers incorporate them in the cake. OK, so we changed gears a little. I started making the sunflowers so they would dry and I thought about tying in a surprise for him. He absolutely loves the sunsets and the moon and stars (he texts pictures to her everyday of the night sky). So I took what was left from the sunflowers to make a stary night.

We were hauling the cake 70 miles to his home without her knowledge. The entire trip she was texting about leaving to go do something else with her friends. Lets just say she wasn’t really happy because he wanted to stay home on her 30th birthday, lol.

When we arrived so did several other people for her “Party”. When we set the cake on the counter it was a double surprise! It was my sister and her boyfriend star gazing in a farmer’s field surrounded by sunflowers! They were both speechless! It was all smiles and a great night after that.

Everybody loved the cake and the truck on top was kept for a momento of the event and sits on their dresser.

I was hurting and exhausted but we had an awesome time with a double surprise cake!