Special 4-Year-Old Request: Dinosaur Eating a Unicorn Birthday Cake

My son was talking a lot about something strange, as most four year old’s do, a dinosaur eating a unicorn. While my son (4) and daughter (6) were visiting my sister, they shocked them during prayer time, “..and I want to see a unicorn.”, my daughter says. Then it was my son’s turn. “I want to see a dinosaur eating a unicorn.” So serious and very stoic.

I used four round cake pans and one sheet cake for the dino head. I made rice krispie treats to form the unicorn’s head and horn. Piped icing for the scales and white chocolate for the teeth. I put a pearlescent spray over the white frosting on the unicorn to make it magical. His reaction the next day was amazing! It completely made it all worth it!

He was  so excited and she didn't cry!

Answered prayers, just tastes better than the real thing.

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  1. This is so awesome.  My 4 year old wants a cake with a dinosaur eating a unicorn while Angry Birds buzz around.  lmao

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