My son wanted a Spider-Man cake for his 5th birthday party. I used a Wilton cake pan and followed the instructions. I used a homemade buttermilk white cake recipe from the Better Homes New Cook Book that I always use for making cakes.  It is firmer than a box mix and of course tastes a lot better.  The firmer it is, the more likely it will easily pop out of the mold without cracking.

I used the Wilton butter cream frosting recipe.  This was probably one of the easiest cakes I have ever made mostly because it was flat and not 3-D and didn’t use a lot of different colors.  The most difficult part was doing all of the spider web lines, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. I also made cupcakes that was Spider-Man’s face. I didn’t take pictures of them though, but they turned out pretty cute and were also pretty easy.  The little boys at the party loved the cake.