Coolest Stand Up Evil Minion Cake

Hi my name is Gloria Pacheco and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada where heat temperatures rise up to 118!! Well, let me begin by telling you that my son’s birthday party was going to take place at the park at the end of August!! It’s hot, hot, hot! My son had wanted an Evil Minion birthday party, he even went as far as to drawing a photo of the cake that he wanted.

When I first saw his picture I noticed the cake was standing up and that his hair was all crazy. I looked at him and said, wow!… it’s a cake not a statute. And he looked at me and said, mom you could do it ♥ so I knew I had to do it. I spoke to my husband about building a stand to somehow make this cake stand up. Next I thought how am I going to give this little guy crazy hair?! I thought I know I can order purple cotton candy, but remembered we live in a state where temperatures reach 118, plus how would I make it stick without causing it to melt after applying an adhesive. I put that thought process aside and in the meantime went to a local hobby shop to look for wood pieces to create my minion.

While shopping I kept in mind that I needed to use sizes that were consistent with the sizes of my cake pans. I didn’t mind if it was a 6, 7, 8 or a 9 inch cake, I just needed to make sure the sizes matched. Finally I bought my supplies, my husband glued together all the pieces. I finally started decorating my cake to match my son’s drawing design. Finally I was done and guess what, I left him bald!

I called my son and said what do you think? He said the hair is wrong, well, you forgot the hair.  I said it’s impossible to make the hair you drew and he said “mom you are the best cake maker, you can do it” his words were so cute – full of pressure but so cute so I cut fondant and mixed it with gum paste to make the hair stiff. I then drew lines to give it a more/fuller hair illusion. I was soo happy that it had worked! I showed my son and the happiness, thankfulness made me soo happy and made it all worth it!

At the party the cake was a hit! I was soo happy along with my son, friends and family so I decided to enter the minion cake in the contest.  Hope you love it as much as he did ♥.