This Strawberry tall cake was created for a very special celebration. The theme was more of a rustic one with the venue being in a barn on a lake in a beautiful setting. The coordinator of the event wanted an unfrosted cake where the “filling” would show through and due to the size preferred a tiered cake, but individual cakes on multi levels would work also. Favorite flavor choice was strawberry and the planning began.

She found a recipe for a strawberry rhubarb cake and like the simple look of it and the creative juices began to flow. This became a Strawberry Tall Cake as a play on strawberry shortcake. Flavors are strawberry and raspberry with fresh fruit as accents.  The 3 tiered cake is French vanilla. Each layer of the cake was torted so that raspberry mouse could be spread and a strawberry compote poured on top of that before the next cake was applied. The cake was left “naked” so the filling could show through and powdered sugar was sprinkled on the top and sides of the cake. Fresh strawberries and raspberries adorned the cake creating this beautiful center piece for such a great day.

It was enjoyed by all and has become one of my families favorite cakes… being requested on numerous occasions (not quite as “Tall” but good none the less!)