Super Hero Stack

I started baking almost 14 years ago trying my hand for my son’s first birthday cake. And I fell in love. Over the years I tried to get better and better, while refusing to use fondant for any other purpose that small details. With that said, I have had to realize that my cakes would always look homemade. But I kept getting so many compliments on how beautiful and tasty my cakes were. And to my surprise, people started to ask me to make cakes for them.

My godson called me and said , “Nanny, I want a Super Hero cake.”  Which one I wanted to know.  “As many as you can.”  I did some research I decided that I was going to try my first triple layer cake.  I was excited and terrified.  But this was for a child who was born under 1 lb, and defied all odds and lived.  I was going to give that child what he wanted.  And so I began, pulling out my cake supplies, a large collection by then.  I decided to use my 12″ round, my 8″ round, and my 6″ round.  I whipped up my butter yellow cake, by now everyone’s favorite.

After the cakes were baked and cooled, I took the 6″ and used a piece of cake board which I had drawn in the shape of a Superman logo, set it on top, and cut the logo out.  Now the hard part.  Lots of icing, lots of colors, lots of pain.  I iced the bottom cake red.  Using black icing I piped a web and the a spider. I set the middle cake back instead of centered. I iced it yellow, and once again used the black icing to pipe a bat along with my godson’s name.

Finally for the top, I again set the cake back some.  I iced the sides in what I considered Superman blue.  I then, tried my best using red and yellow icing to copy the Superman logo.  I am always my worst critic and of course did not think it was as great as it should be.  But I was exhausted.  I have arthritis and degenerative disc disease, so I hoped for the best and rested.  I may have seen a simple, some parts messy, homemade looking cake. But the best thing I saw was my godson’s smile. And hearing him say he had the best cake ever.  I will probably never make perfect cakes.  But making people happy is good enough for me.