Surprise Barbie Cake for 4 Year Old

Last year when my grand daughter turned 4 I offered to make the Barbie cake even though it was the first one for me. I used 2, 8 inch round pans and then the pampered chef batter bowl. I put frosting between the layers and then a crumb coat of frosting over all. I wrapped Barbie in plastic wrap and cut a hole in the center for her. I adjusted the height of the batter bowl cake so it was the right height for Barbie.

I rolled out the purchased fondant into a large circle and draped it over the top. I used frosting to put little flowers over the skirt. I also made the top of the dress out of fondant and made a bow with long streamers for the back. I also made a small cake for Barbie to hold and then put the 4 candles in there. I put tooth picks in the cake with the ends sticking out for the miniature cake to rest on. The tooth picks weren’t quite long enough so will use something longer next time.

It was lots of fun to make. When I was at her house the night before I took my camera along and showed her a picture of the cake. Her mouth flew open and she was speechless, the best response I could ever wish for.