Sweet Little Dog Cake

Well, I’ve only just started making my own cakes and it was my friends birthday so i said I would make her a cake!!Together, we planned her cake and i don’t think she believed that me,a girl of 13, could possibly manage the task. But I did!!

I used 2 Pyrex bowls to get the shape of the body and the head. I then scooped 2 holes(for the eyes) from one of the cakes and cut the head to fit the body.Scoop another hole for the mouth or just draw a smiley face on with black buttercream icing!Then, i stuck 4 cocktail sticks into the head and peirced them into the body!!(make sure you tell people this before you serve it because i forgot!!)Then, mix up some buttercream icing and stick the trimmings to the front of the body to form the legs. Stick a small tail on his back end(!)and start to make the icing.

I used fluffy frosting icing but normal buttercream icing will work just as well as fluffy frosting can be very time consuming. Keep the buttercream as it’s normal colour and add crushed up flake to add a furry affect.Smother the cake and ensure it looks scruffy and gives a little character!!

Use ready-to-roll icing for the eyes,nose and tongue.Colour the tongue pink or red and the nose black. For the eyes, layered black and white circles give a sweet affect!! If you wish, you can add a ribbon for a collar!

Hope this gives you some ideas!!