Sweetest Disney Princess Castle Cake

Our granddaughter was turning three and she was all about princesses and castles, so it was fitting that she have a princess castle cake for her birthday. She loves pink and purple, so the color choices for said castle were easy!

  • I made 3 white cake layers, 11″x15″, and made 3 8″ round layers for the  2nd story  of the castle.
  • Each cake had pink buttercream icing, with  blocks created using the basket weave tip.
  • To make the turrets, I used a combination of regular and sugar ice cream cones. The regular ice cream cones also had cake batter baked inside them! The outside of the regular cones were covered in mini marshmallows,  glued on with melted white chocolate. The sugar cones were dipped in the white melted chocolate, then sprayed with purple icing color, then (of course, since it’s a princess cake), sprinkled with purple sparkly edible glitter!
  • The princesses in the windows were sticker cut-outs. The front door was a Hershey bar and the ground in front was finely ground vanilla wafers.
  • It was all put on a bed of snow, which was coconut.
  • I topped it off were ribbons wishing the little princess Happy Birthday, placed on the peaks of the turrets with toothpicks, secured by melted chocolate!
  • The “side” cake was a simple white cake shaped like a dome, to hold the princess’ tiara!

The party was held at Chuck-E-Cheese and we had to get a rolling cart to bring this cake inside. All the way in, people were staring, oohing and ahhing over the cake, which made me feel really good! I am very proud of this cake, although it seemed a bit much for a three year old to take in and fully appreciate!