Cool Homemade Lion Picture and 3D Cakes

Coolest Lion Picture Cakes and Lion Cake Ideas

I got the idea from this website for a lion picture and made a few changes. I used a 16″ cake for the base and a 10″ cake for the lion’s face. I just cut out wedges for the mane and then I looked at a picture from “The Lion King” and copied the face. … Read more

Really Gross Kitty Litter Cake Ideas

Coolest Kitty Litter Cake Photos

I used a chocolate cake crumbled into fist size pieces for this kitty litter cake and put into a new clean litter pan. Buttercream frosting tinted gray with a little chocolate. Nilla wafers crumbled on top like litter. Tootsie rolls melted in microwave for just a few seconds form rolls to appear as polo. Add … Read more

Coolest Tigger Birthday Cakes

Coolest Tigger Cartoon Cake Photos and How-To Tips

For my son’s first birthday we threw a Tigger Party and I came up with this cartoon cake to match the theme. I baked a 9×13 vanilla cake (vanilla cakes are easier to ice than chocolate because the crumbs don’t show as much!) and made icing with shortening and icing sugar. I iced the cake … Read more

Coolest Cat Cake for the Ultimate Cat Lover

Coolest Cat Cake

I had so much fun making this cat cake. To say that my boss is a cat lover is mild. She is a cat fanatic!  Her current collection includes Sam, Lucy and Gabby.  They are very loved, very spoiled and very special.  So when Tracey was preparing to celebrate turning 50 the obvious theme for … Read more

Cute Cat Cake

We have one person who makes a lot of birthday cakes for folks in the office. One day she had the cake sitting on a table next to the steps in a cake keeper and was attempting to grab her cat to take to the vet. She accidently bumped the table while making a grab … Read more

Coolest Tom Cat Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a cat charity event at work and thought this Tom cat cake would be appropriate. I saw lots of these types of cakes when looking on the internet for ideas. I downloaded a picture and off I went. I started by making the cake using a large … Read more

Awesome Tiger Cake

Well, this tier cake was a challenge. The lady receiving the cake loved Tigers. So how and what would I do for her. I decided on featuring the face. This was modeled with fondant. The cake was caramel mud and cream. So matching the cream to the colors on the fondant was a challenge. I put the cake for the head … Read more

Pink and Brown Leopard Print Cake

Pink and Brown Leopard Print Cake

This is a pink and brown Leopard print cake that I made for the top of a cupcake tower for a Bunco party. The cake was modeled after one I found online. The cake and cupcakes were a chocolate recipe also found online. It was two different boxed chocolate cakes with chocolate milk and sour … Read more

Coolest Hand-Painted Tiger Cake

Coolest Hand-Painted Tiger Cake

I truly enjoy creating cakes. One of my students’ dad ordered this surprise birthday cake for his wife to be delivered on our karate Halloween party. He said to incorporate a tiger because that’s her costume and make a cake that they’ve never had. I baked an orange chiffon cake with cream cheese frosting. This … Read more

Coolest Unikitty LEGO Cake!

Coolest Unikitty LEGO Cake!

When I first heard of Unikitty I had no clue who she was. I actually had to watch the LEGO movie with my boys to see her… lol. Then, I heard that Unikitty has two sides, her nice side and her angry side, which I saw in movie. :)  I had to find out which Unikitty my friend … Read more

Awesome Lion’s Head Birthday Cake

Awesome Lion's Head Birthday Cake

Omg how do I start lol. Well I was called at 11:00pm on Saturday to make a last minute cake of a edible lions head on top of a white almond flavor cake, which they wanted the cake for 12pm Sunday. So I went to bed dreaming of how can I make this lion happen … Read more

Last Minute Cat Birthday Cake

Last Minute Cat Cake

My niece has a fascination with cats and since her last birthday has been hounding her mum to make the ‘cat cake’ , 2 days before the party a phone call from my niece saying that her mother wasn’t making a cake and wasn’t even going to her party, and she was beside herself (she … Read more