Coolest Fender Electric Guitar Cake

Wow! This one was a challenge! “You can do an electric guitar, can’t you?? ” Sure!! I went online and downloaded lots of photos of Fender guitars–the whole guitar, and each part of the guitar at a time, for the details. I was actually able to find a set of plans for a Fender online, … Read more

Daring Baby Shower Cake for a Beginner

Daring Baby Shower Cake for a Beginner

I was pretty new to cake decorating when I was asked to do this baby shower cake. Thinking back now I am amazed that I even considered trying it. The friend who requested it originally started asking about a pram cake and the only ones I had seen this shape were actually just cake toppers. … Read more

Gruesome Brain Cake for a Science Party

Gruesome Brain Cake for a Science Party

Last year for my daughter’s 7th birthday party, we decided on the theme of  ‘Weird Science’, and it proceeded to take over my life for a month or so there. I was so happy to be free from stupid girly rubbish, that I kind of went a bit crazy with the experiments and equipment, lolly … Read more

Tom’s Titanic 8th Birthday Cake

Tom is a little gifted boy with an intense interest in the Titanic.  He is in my son’s class, so when we got the birthday invitation, it clearly stated the theme was the Titanic.  Tom’s mom said that he will have to settle for a cake with a picture of the Titanic on it.  Knowing … Read more

Coolest Ben and Holly Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s 4th birthday she was very clear that she wanted ‘a Ben and Holly cake’. Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is a cartoon from the makers of Peppa Pig, Ben is an elf and Holly is a fairy princess. It is very popular in our house! My daughter’s party was at a play … Read more

Amazingly Realistic Homemade Baby Cake!

Amazingly Realistic Homemade Baby Cake!

Here is just one of the many baby cakes I have been asked to do for family and friends! It all started from making my mum’s 50th birthday cake and everyone was totally amazed that it was the first cake I had ever made and from that my ideas just got wild! Hence this very … Read more

Cool Ice Cream Birthday Cake

I made this ice cream birthday cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday. It was very simple yet effective. I used 3×7″ chocolate cakes and layered with pink butter cream icing. I then crumb coated it, let it dry in the fridge a bit then covered it in the pink butter cream icing. I didn’t bother … Read more

Coolest Yoda Birthday Cake

Yoda Cake

My boys love Star Wars. Their birthdays are 1 day apart, and they turned 6 and 9 this year. When they asked for a Yoda birthday cake, I wasn’t sure I could deliver. The Cake: I started with 2 round 8-inch cakes and a square 9-inch cake. The round cakes were stacked for Yoda’s head, … Read more

Cool Finn McMissile Birthday Cake

My 2 year old son is obsessed with the character Finn Mcmissile from the movie Cars 2 so I decided to make him a Finn Mcmissile birthday cake for his 2nd birthday. I baked two banana chocolate cakes using a rectangular shaped tin for the base and a square one for the top of the car. … Read more

Coolest Topsy Turvy Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

Coolest Topsy Turvy Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

First of all I will start off saying that I have never had any formal training making cakes but I started my own business selling cakes and cake pops about a year ago called Princess Pops. I am a labor and delivery nurse working full time at Water Reed and teach Jazzercise part time. In my … Read more

Coolest Purple Evil Minion Cake

Purple evil minion - Brandons 7th birthday cake

This Purple Evil Minion cake was such fun to make, even though at times I thought this is going to look nothing like the image I have in my mind. But little Brandon kept coming into the kitchen telling me “that is going to look good mum ” and it gave me the courage to push … Read more

Coolest Bucky from Jake and the Neverland Birthday Cake

The only creative thing I’m capable of is to bake and decorate my three sons’ birthday cakes. Mostly I do not consider them original creations because I copy either a how-to recipe or get my inspiration from sites like these. But I always plan what I’m going to do months ahead and take a day’s … Read more