Coolest UGA Mascot Dog Cake

I am not a pro and only make cakes for friends, family and friends of family. My first attempt at making an animal was a daunting one. This die-hard University of Georgia fan wanted a cake resembling Uga, the college mascot. He is not only a huge fan of this college and their football team … Read more

Coolest Scooby Doo Birthday Cakes

Coolest Scooby Doo Childrens Birthday Cake Recipe Ideas

This cake was made for my son’s fifth birthday. The Scooby “plaque” was made using tinted white chocolate molded in the Wilton Scooby Doo Mini Treats Pan. The two-layer cake was made in a 12″ square pan and decorated with buttercream icing. I used a childrens birthday cake recipe. The lettering was made with blue … Read more

Awesome Dad’s Yorkie Birthday Cake

This cake was baked fresh and was ice in vanilla Swiss butter cream and covered in white fondant with brown lace border. I worked on the Yorkie and chair a couple of days before to ensure it dried completely on time. I was trying to recreate my dads Yorkie and his couch chair where he sits and watches TV with the Yorkie. Instead of making … Read more

Cool Homemade Dog Cake With Bunny Ears

I made this dog cake for Easter. I made a dog with bunny ears! I took an 8″ round cake, cut it in half for the body. I added pieces of cake to make the legs, paws and nose area. I used whipped icing with the large 3 star tip to make the fur for dog. I … Read more

Cutest Bulldog Cake

Talk about complicated, these cute little puppies have so many wrinkles and crevises. It was so fun to do though. I made it for a friend’s wife for her birthday since they have 2 of these babies. I started off sculpting the head out of rice crispy treats and forming it too the basic shape … Read more

Scout the Leapfrog Dog Cake

I made this Scout the Leapfrog Dog cake for my friend’s son’s 4th birthday. What was really difficult is that Google only had two examples of scout cakes and they were massive fondant and sculpted cakes way outside my skill level and our price range! So I used a flat image of Scout from Google as my inspiration. This is a chocolate … Read more

Coolest Blue’s Clues Birthday Cake

Coolest Blue's Clues Birthday Cake

I made a Blue’s Clues birthday cake for my grandchild’s 2nd birthday. I used a white cake mix and baked it in two round pans. Cool the cakes on a cooling rack and freeze.  Freezing the cake makes it easier to cut out the shape from the template. I made a template the shape of … Read more

Awesome Homemade 3D Dog Cake

Homemade Dog Cake

This Dog Cake was some work 5 days in the making and he turned out great. I cooked two 12 inch rounds and a Pyrex bowl cake as well. I cut all the leg shapes and added the feet made of fondant. The head is made from rice crispy treats. Thanks for looking.

Awesome Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

My friend asked me to make her 1 year old a dog birthday cake. At the party one of the older girls cried when they cut the cake as she thought it was real. I used number 233 nozzle with a piping bag and milk chocolate Betty Crocker icing for the fur, white chocolate buds … Read more

Coolest Pug Cake

Homemade Pug Cake

I made this Pug cake for my sister’s birthday. I used one yellow cake mix, 1 can of white frosting, 1 can of chocolate frosting, and black and red food coloring. The cake is just 2 round cakes stacked on top of each other with frosting in between. I saved a scoop of white frosting … Read more

Cool Homemade Puppy Dog Cake

Homemade Puppy Dog Cake

We used the Pampered Chef batter bowl that is generally used to make the 3-D princess Barbie cake for this Puppy Dog Cake. We iced it, used cookies for eyes, a Hershey’s kiss for the nose and an Airhead for the tongue. The ears are brownies.