Coolest Birthday Pot Plant Cake

I baked this  birthday pot plant cake the same day I started to make the fondant flowers, leaves, little spade, bag of seeds and seeds. I baked a simple vanilla flavor round shaped cake. The size of the cake is 20 cm by 20 cm in size. I baked this cake for my mom’s birthday. She loves gardening, … Read more

11th Hour Time Bomb Punk Rocker Birthday Cake

For starters this 11th hour time bomb Punk Rocker birthday cake was certainly a challenge! About a month ago my friend Amanda asked me to make her boyfriend’s 30th birthday cake, she sent me a couple of pics and right away I knew I had a choice. Go easy or go hard. Easy ha GO HARD! … Read more

Funniest Gross Birthday Cake Ever

Toilet Bowl Cake

This funniest gross birthday cake was made for my boss’ birthday. She has an unusual collection of toilet replicas (her hubby is a plumber).  The tank is the cake (strawberry) and the bowl is rice krispies. The lid and seat are made of Wilton candy melts. I poured the melts into the bottom of a cake pan for … Read more

Green Ninjago Lego Figure Birthday Cake

My son Ryan was coming up to his 9th birthday. I asked him what sort of cake he would like me to make for him. When he said the green Ninjago figure, I thought great, I will just do the head! But no! Ryan wanted the whole figure! I was a little worried about how … Read more

Coolest Pig Cake For My Friend Who Kept Pigs

Pig Birthday Cake Ideas

I made this pig cake for a manager of the bank where I worked who was retiring, and as she kept pigs we wanted something appropriate for her hobby. I had a week’s notice when asked to do this cake! I drew this out first and made it with 2 pudding basins (one smaller than the the other) and then covered in … Read more

Awesome Abandoned Gold Mine Birthday Cake

My son, Alex is into science, particular geology- geodes, rocks, and minerals. He desperately wanted an abandoned gold mine cake for his 8th birthday, which isn’t the easiest thing to create in the world, but I figured I could at least try. It took a few trips to different suppliers to find the edible rocks, … Read more

Cool African Jungle Safari Birthday Cake

Cool African Jungle Safari Birthday Cake

The story… Leading up to my daughters first birthday it wasn’t a difficult decision on the theme we wanted, mummy is Australian and daddy is Tanzanian, and because we are living in Oz it was going to be an African theme… and there’s nothing better than an African safari =) So came the fun task … Read more

Disgustingly Awesome Trash Pack Cake

Want to learn how to make the trashiest Trash Pack cake that your child will LOVE?!?! You are in the right place. I am certainly no expert and I feel like if I can do it, anyone can! So, put on your brave face and let’s do this! I did not take a lot of … Read more