Coolest Bow Tie Shirt Cake

Coolest Bow Tie Shirt Cake

This bow tie shirt cake can be altered to any side depending on how big you need it. First you need to bake a rectangle cake, and let it cool completely. Then ice it with the icing of your choice and cover the cake completely with fondant and smooth it out. The pocket and sleeve … Read more

Coolest Snow White Father’s Day Cake

Coolest Snow White Father's Day Cake

I was asked to make this Snow White cake for someones Dad for fathers day! He happens to be a huge Snow White fan and collector. The cake is a 4×6 inch round cake. The top tier is iced in butter cream with fondant stripes, dots and bow. The bottom tier is covered in yellow … Read more

Craftsman Toolbox Cake for Handyman Dad

Craftsman Toolbox Cake for Handyman Dad

This is a Craftsman toolbox cake I did for my handyman Dad. It was inspired by a wrench and screwdriver cookie cutter set I found. I made some of those out of sugar cookies and placed them on and around the cake for decorations. The cake was chocolate sheet cakes that I cut into rectangles and stacked and … Read more

Awesome Dad’s Yorkie Birthday Cake

Dads Yorkie Birthday Cake

This cake was baked fresh and was ice in vanilla Swiss butter cream and covered in white fondant with brown lace border. I worked on the Yorkie and chair a couple of days before to ensure it dried completely on time. I was trying to recreate my dads Yorkie and his couch chair where he sits and watches TV with the Yorkie. Instead of making … Read more

Awesome Tennis Cake for Three Boys

This awesome tennis cake was made for three boys, all brothers, whom all play tennis. They are all top of their tennis league and will be ones to watch out for when they get a bit older. How neat for them, to share their birthday together. The cake was my favorite .. chocolate mud cake. This one is made … Read more

Coolest Movie Reel Cake for My Father

Coolest Movie Reel Cake for My Father

I wanted to do something special for my father’s 70th Birthday, he has overcome a lot over the past 5 years losing my mother and oldest brother to pancreatic cancer, his mother to heart disease and his second wife to a sudden illness. Our family is very close so we wanted to give him a special party for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Harley Birthday Cake for a 60th Birthday Party

Homemade Harley Birthday Cake

I made this Harley birthday cake for a friend’s 60th birthday. He really likes Harley Davidson and his wife wanted something special. It was vary easy to make. I started with 2 twelve inch yellow cakes and iced them with cream cheese icing. Then I rolled out some black butter cream fondant, and placed it … Read more

Coolest Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Cake

Homemade Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Cake

This Harley Davidson 50th birthday cake was a labor of love for my husband’s 50th birthday. It is actually 1/3 scale of his bike with many hours photographing and measuring his bike to get it in proportion. It is a chocolate liqueur mud cake covered in fondant. The wheels are sculpted from foam cake dummy … Read more

Coolest Party Animal Cake

Homemade Party Animal Cake

I made this Party Animal cake for my young at heart brother for his 60th birthday. I got the idea from a book I have had for ages. I made a simple Madeira cake in a bowl and split it and covered it with butter cream. The face and hands are made from soft icing. … Read more

Coolest Super Dad Cake

Homemade Super Dad Cake

Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated every first Sunday of September. For this year, I made a Super Dad Cake out of a carrot cake with a “super dad” theme for my husband. It’s a carrot cake, covered with fondant with a very simple design and very easy to do and it’s 100% edible!

Cool Homemade Hamburger Cake for Father’s Day

Homemade Hamburger  Cake

I made this Hamburger cake for Fathers Day. I used two yellow cake mixes and one chocolate cake mix for the patty. I used peanut butter frosting for the bun, top and bottom so it would be the proper color. I found the recipe for this frosting on all For the cheese, lettuce tomatoes … Read more

Cool Homemade BBQ Birthday Cake

Homemade BBQ Birthday Cake

This BBQ Birthday Cake is ideal for choc lovers too! This is a chocolate cake in chocolated pudding (BBQ sauce! Baked the cake directly on the wok! The grill is made from aluminum foil and kebab stick. Baked another small 3 round cakes for burger and left over for kebab. Bought small coconut donut and … Read more

Coolest iPhone Birthday Cake

Homemade  iPhone Birthday Cake

I had a challenge on my hands, what birthday cake would make a grown man, who had all the things most people want in life, smile with glee when he received his birthday cake?! The man in question works in technology, and it isn’t just his profession, but his passion too. So, I thought what … Read more

Coolest Father’s Day BBQ Cake

Father's Day BBQ Cake

This father’s day BBQ cake was inspired by a similar one I saw on the Wilton website. This one is a 2-layer 10 inch white cake. Ahead of time I made the burgers and hot dogs out of candy clay. The recipe can be found on the Wilton website. I used chocolate candy clay for … Read more

Coolest Father’s Day Shirt And Tie Cake

Father's Day Shirt And Tie Cake

I made this father’s day shirt and tie cake using instructions from the Wilton site. The cake itself is a 9×13 cake, covered in buttercream frosting. I then used purchased fondant to cover the shirt. I downloaded templates from the Wilton site to use for the necktie and collar. The tie was supposed to be … Read more

Coolest Fathers Day Grill Cake

Homemade Fathers Day Grill Cake

This past fathers day I wanted to make a special cake for my stepfather. Since he likes to cook, this idea for a Fathers Day Grill Cake was perfect. It was not easy, but it came out pretty good. I used two 8″ round pans and stacked each one on top of the other. I … Read more

Coolest Father’s Day Polo Shirt Cake

Homemade Father's Day Polo Shirt Cake

This Father’s Day Polo Shirt Cake is my second attempt to use fondant. I put on a thin icing coat, let cool for about an hour, then I put on a thicker coat of icing and used the paper towel smooth method. I rolled out the fondant. I was worried on how it was going … Read more

Coolest Fathers Day Golf Ball Cake

Coolest Fathers Day Golf Ball Cake

My dad is a huge golf player. And for Fathers Day I figured I would make a Fathers Day Golf Ball Cake. Wasn’t exactly sure how I would do it so I headed to the store. I lucked out and found a circle pan. You can make any sort of ball with it. PERFECT!! I … Read more

Coolest Dad Cake

Homemade Dad Cake

I made this cake for Fathers day. I made 2 6inch chocolate cakes and frosted them with blue butter cream frosting. I stacked them up, then covered them with blue marshmallow fondant. I made the marshmallow fondant at home with my kitchen aid mixer. I also saved some fondant for the decoration. I dyed some … Read more

Coolest Cookie Fathers Day Cake

Homemade  Cookie Fathers Day Cake

I made this Cookie Fathers Day Cake using my own chocolate chip cookie dough recipe. I used a 12″ round cake pan. I filled it will approximately 14 large scoops of cookie dough. I lined the pan with parchment paper to prevent sticking. The dough was pressed then more chocolate chips were added to the … Read more

Cool Homemade Father’s Day Cake

Father's Day Cigar Box Cake

I made this cake for my husband’s 30th Birthday Party. I got the idea from a Father’s Day cake I found in a recipe book. I took two sheet cakes and stacked them, cutting some what of a tray out of the top layer. I then applied a crumb coating and covered store bought dark … Read more

Awesome 3D Harley Birthday Cake

Homemade Harley Birthday Cake

My brother’ girlfriend wanted to make a Harley Birthday Cake for his 34th birthday. She found a picture of a cake she liked on the internet and me, her, and the children worked together as a family to make a cake made from love that would be as special to my brother as he is … Read more