Coolest Birthday Pony Cake

Homemade Birthday Pony Cake

This Birthday Pony Cake was made by making two layers in jelly roll pans (one cake mix per pan). I used a thin layer of whipped white frosting between the two cakes and then used a paper cutout to make the shape of the cake. We did use a small piece of the cake as … Read more

Coolest Girly Chocolate Horse Cake

Homemade Girly Chocolate Horse Cake

My 2 year old loves chocolate and horses! I’ve made several 3D cakes (tractor, back-hoe, and combine) for her older brother. I was a little unsure how to delve into the realm of 3D animals, especially since I wanted the cake to taste good! I don’t use fondant, only real butter cream or chocolate frosting, … Read more

Coolest Horse Cake

Horse  Cake

Thanks so much for the pony cake ideas! I cheated a little bit with my daughter’s 6th pony party birthday cake. I just bought a giant chocolate slab cake from the supermarket as the base as we had a lot of people to feed at the party and I didn’t have a cake tin big … Read more

Coolest Mule Cake

Homemade Mule Cake

I made this Mule Cake cake for my grandfather’s 90th birthday celebration as requested by my father. This is the 2nd original cake I’ve ever made. I searched and searched for a mule cake but could only find horse cakes, so I’m posting this in case there’s anyone else that might need a mule cake! … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake Idea

This Horse Birthday Cake Idea was made for a friend’s daughter’s second birthday. We began with a vanilla slab cake as the base and then a chocolate cake for the spiral cake part. We then put graham crackers around the sides of the spiral cake to make it look like dirt. The horses were made … Read more

Coolest Pony Cake

Homemade Pony Cake

I made this cake for my oldest daughter’s 3rd birthday (in 2009). She really wanted a pony cake and after scratching my head over how I might manage that, my sister-in-law sent me a photo of a pony cake you could get from a supermarket in the UK which I thought looked cute but pretty … Read more

Horse Cake

Horse and Horseshoe Cake

This horse cake was for my sister’s 22nd birthday. She loves horses so I knew I had to make it with a horse. I used a Wiltons rectangular cake pan 11×18. I mixed two cake mixes for this size pan. I lined the pan with wax paper so that after the cake was cooked it … Read more

Cool Homemade Pony Cake

Cowgirl Pony Cake

I made this Pony cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. She loves horses and so we did a cowgirl theme. I tried to match the colors of the cake details to the decorations. My husband contributed by making me a template which I then traced onto the cake. I have extra large cookie sheets … Read more

Coolest Horse Cake

Homemade Horse Cake

My 6 year old loves horses so this is my 4th horse cake. They keep getting better but hopefully her next will be better yet. This one is made out of a rectangle cake. Cut out the ear, make a neck line, and trim it to have a nose and back of neck. I used … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Horse Birthday Cake Idea for my three kids, boy 2, boy 5 and girl 7 birthday party. They all have their birthdays in August so we do a group party. All three kids LOVE horses and love the movie Toy Story. After not being able to find a shaped pan that I … Read more

Coolest Jumping Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Jumping Horse Birthday Cake

My daughter and I worked together to make this Jumping Horse Birthday Cake for her 11th birthday. It is made from (2) homemade 9×13 sheet cakes. We froze one layer – wrapped in foil then wrapped in plastic wrap. My daughter used a 9×13 piece of paper to draw a jumping horse. We cut it … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

I got the idea for this Horse Birthday Cake from here. I enlarged the blank sketch, printed it and taped it together. I used 2 frozen 11×14 cakes that I froze. I laid the printout on them and cut it out. My 19 yr old and I spent 4 hours on this cake. We iced … Read more

Coolest Pony Birthday Cake

Homemade Pony Birthday Cake

I was inspired by a professional cake in a magazine and decided to attempt my own amateur version, and was delighted with the results and thought I would share this Pony Birthday Cake with anyone looking for great pony cake ideas. I used a Betty Crocker cake mix and 2 standard 9″ cake pans. I … Read more

Coolest Horse Cake

Homemade Horse Cake

This horse cake is a practice for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. She is getting a liberty horse, so I am planning a horse party. The birthday cake itself will have the true colors of the liberty horse, darker mane and tail, and the yellow around the blanket. I used a Wilton Carousel Horse cake pan, … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake Idea

My daughter loves horses and this year I decided to try and make her a Horse Birthday Cake Idea. I combined lots of ideas I found from other cakes on this site. I started by making (2) 9×13 chocolate cakes and cut each cake to make the horse. The frosting was fudge from a can … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pony Cake

Homemade Pony Cake

This Homemade Pony Cake was for my daughter Ava’s 4th Birthday. We went horse riding for the day and she had to have a pink pony cake. I made a regular sponge cake and cut the pony shape I drew out of it. I didn’t want to use too much food colouring so I iced … Read more

Coolest Appaloosa Horse Cake

Homemade Appaloosa Horse Cake

This is an Appaloosa horse cake made for my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. She requested Horseland, but I thought the Horseland characters and horses weren’t as cute as this. Her mom did buy the Horseland pics to add to the cake. The horse’s body was made using the Wilton 3D Rubber Duck pan. I cut off … Read more

Coolest Love of Horses Cake

Homemade Love of Horses Cake

I make my kids birthday cakes every year. And I let them pick what they would like on their cakes. My son is into horses and that’s what he wanted. So I made him a love of hoses cake. You will need a box of cake mix of your choice, icing, green food coloring, toy … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

I made this Horse Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday. Being horse mad she loved it! I made a square cake then cut the corners off to made the basic shape. I shaved the edges to get a rounded finish and used a spoon to create eye and nose. I used Just Choc fondant … Read more

Cool Homemade Pony Birthday Cake

Homemade Pony Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s 6th Birthday, she decided to have a Pony Party at the Farm. And I decided -inspired by all the great cakes on this website- to make her Pony Birthday Cake. First, as with other similar cakes I cut the shape out of a 13×9 inch cake pan and used the cutout between … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake Design

This Horse Birthday Cake Design I made for my daughter’s 9th birthday. She’s a Breyer horse fan! Never decorated a cake before but figured how hard could it be….well I was up till midnight making this “simple” one. I traced the bottom of the 9×13 cake pan on paper so I could make a stencil. … Read more

Coolest Dressage Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Dressage Horse Birthday Cake

It is hard to make an adult birthday cake themed with horses, but this Dressage Horse Birthday Cake is what I came up with after browsing eBay horsey toys section ( i had several months to create this cake ). It is from normal 11 x 13 Pyrex casserole pans, two to be exact with … Read more

Coolest Horses Cake

Homemade Horses Cake

For the last few years, I’ve been making cakes for my sons’ birthdays. This year, my niece asked if I would please make her birthday cake so I agreed. She only got to pick the kind of batter. My inspiration for a horses cake was her love of horses! She got to invite some friends … Read more

Cool Homemade Horse Head Cake

Homemade Horse Head Cake

This horse head cake was made for my boss’s birthday. She owns several horses. It was made from a chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting. Baked in a 13×9 pan. I mixed vanilla and chocolate frosting for the mane, eyes, nose and mouth. I looked at several different cakes online and found one shaped like … Read more