Coolest 50th Needlework Cake

Coolest 50th Needlework Cake

I made the toppers for this needlework cake two days in advance.  At first I coloured my fondant the different shade of pink, including the maroonish pink, which I used even though the bottle states that it’s supposed to be red, but doesn’t turn out red at all, but it went very well with my … Read more

Coolest Quilting Cake Ever!

Quilt Cake

I created this quilting cake for the mother of a good friend of mine. Her mother loves to quilt, so I knew the items on the cake had to be somewhat realistic. My great grandmother was a quilter so it was kind of a pet cake of mine at the time. Although I knew my … Read more

Cool Mini Tea Party Cake

I made this mini tea party cake for my father’s birthday. My father is not a bloke’s bloke. He loves going out for morning tea and the finer things in life! Also, I had been wanting to make some miniature fondant foods and play with creating a smaller gravity cake before graduating to a big … Read more

Coolest Travel and Tea Birthday Cake Design

Coolest Travel and Tea Birthday Cake Design

This was a birthday cake design that I made on Christmas day.  It was due the next day and we were leaving on vacation the next day.  The worst part?  My friend was delivering it! This was a surprise cake from the daughter of a lady turning 50.  She is a passionate traveler, loves tea and tea … Read more

Pink Ombre Mother’s Day Cake

Pink Ombre Mother's Day Cake

My mother in law is the best in the world and I’€™m proud to call her mum! I a€™m lucky enough to have two. She is always there for my family, listens to any of my issues to let me vent, spending time together and we have a lot in common so we are good … Read more

Viva Las Vegas Card Cake

Viva Las Vegas Card Cake

This cake was done for a friend’s mom. It was a regular slab cake, with large, cubed rice krispie treats, covered in fondant. The poker chips and playing cards were done in fondant (denominations were hand-piped) left to dry overnight. Polka-dot ribbon trimmed it and the finishing touches were a paper (non-edible) sign I printed, and … Read more

Coolest Pin Cushion Cake for Mom

My sister and I decided to make a special cake for a special person – our Mom! Our Mom is a seamstress and owns her own business. We thought of an old fashion pin cushion – what a perfect birthday cake for her. We kept it a complete surprise from Mom, hiding it until we … Read more

Coolest 50 Shades of Gray Book Cake

Coolest 50 Shades of Gray Book Cake

This cake was made for a friend who never ever shut up about the book 50 Shades of Gray!!! She was totally amazed at this cake and totally loved it! It’s made from a simple Victoria sponge cake filled with butter cream and then shaped into the a book shapes before i covered it in royal icing! … Read more

Mom’s Harley Davidson Cake

Mom's Harley Davidson Cake

This cake was for my mom’s surprise birthday party. She loves everything Harley and love her bike! So what better cake than a  Harley Davidson cake! It’s a all white cake but in between each layer there is bright orange frosting. The Willie G Skull on top and the spikes around the top tier are made out of fondant.  … Read more

Coolest Mother’s Day Book Cake

Coolest Mother's Day Book Cake

The cake was red velvet. I made 3 boxes of cake mix. I split one box into the other two cakes so when the 2 cakes where finished I started to put the cake together with my home made butter cream. I went over the whole cake with the butter cream. I noticed that the … Read more

Cool Homemade Book Cake

Coolest Book Cake

I made an oblong cake, and cut a notch in the centre for this Book Cake. I put thin layer of buttercream icing on it and then covered it with fondant icing. I used the edge of a ruler to mark the pages and put a separate oblong of fondant icing on the top to … Read more

Coolest Mother’s Day Cake

Homemade Mother's Day Cake

This is a cake I made for my mom for Mother’s Day. The cake is 3 layers, filled and covered in butter cream icing. I decorated the outside of the cake using the basket weave technique. I made the basket handles out of fondant – I shaped them and let them harden for a couple … Read more