I was asked to do a Tardis cake. First, what’s a Tardis? Oh, it’s from Dr. Who. Still had no idea. So I did some research. A tall square cake. Easy enough. Hahaha. Not so much.

So then I started Googling “how to make a Tardis.”  Amazingly enough, there were print outs for “fold your own paper Tardis.”  Sweet!  So, I printed a couple of those out, enlarged them, figured out measurements. I folded some cardboard into the shape/size I needed to give structure to the Tardis. Then, instead of folding paper, I made gum paste cut outs and attached them to the cardboard. As a result, by the end of the night, I had a pretty cool looking Tardis!

Then the: can you add this to the cake.. it was a saying. “You’re getting older, but not really, because time is really a big ball of wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey…. stuff.”  And then write, “Happy Birthday.”

Oh boy, how do you get all o f THAT on a cake and not have it look all run together, you ask? You make the cake bigger. Kind of. Instead of a standard 2 tier cake  (4 layers cake, 3 filling for each tier); I went with a small 3 tier (2 layers cake, 1 filling for each tier).  Ta Da!

Reactions to the Tardis Cake

I did not deliver the cake. This was made for a friend to give to a friend. My friend almost cried when she saw it. I thought it was because it was horrible!  She assured me it was fantastic and she loved it. It was going to be a hit at the party. Ok.

It was hit. No one wanted to cut it.

A couple of days later, my husband comes home from work.  He asks me who I made the Tardis cake for. I told him. “Oh,” he says. “He works in the office down the hall from me. The Tardis is sitting on his desk. He’s been showing it to everybody he can stop and make listen.”  (hahahaha)  “He said it was the best cake ever and he loved it.”

A couple weeks later, this lady walks up to me. “I was told you were the one who made my husbands Tardis cake.”  (I’m thinking, uh oh.)  She threw her arms around me, gave me the biggest hug ever. “Thank you, it was the perfect cake for his birthday.”  Wow!!  Then the birthday boy (er, man) walked up and shook my hand. Told me how the Tardis is still in his office.  He loves that it was handmade and not from some factory.  He looks at it all the time.

Heehee.  Best cake story ever.