The Simpsons

This cake was made for a friend’s 30th birthday. It is the character Ralph from The Simpsons which is my friend’s favorite character.

To start with I used Funfetti cake mix. I baked two 14×14 square cakes and a large 14″ circular cake. I used the circular cake for the main body. I used the other two cakes to carve out the pieces that form the other parts of the body such as the legs and feet and the head.

The icing in the face and hands is rolled fondant dyed in a bright yellow. The eyes are also made from the rolled fondant. I think it made them a lot more crisp than trying to use butter cream frosting for them. I used butter cream frosting for the rest of the cake. I also used butter cream frosting dyed black to outline the entire cake. The little batman emblem is a paper cutout and it was placed on the shirt of Ralph as part of an inside joke.

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