Although I’ve done quite a bit of cake decorating, I was a bit nervous when asked to make this Flamenco Dancer cake as I had never actually done a sculpture entirely of sugar before. I first attached a dowel to the base board and fixed a piece of wire to it to form the arms. I then began building up the torso from gum paste, this took a very long time as I had to wait for each section to dry each time I added something. When completed I hand painted the head and torso before embarking on the actual cake.

I made three 30cm round and two 22cm round cakes (pound cake). I stacked them and sculpted to shape the dress, these were then split and filled with a light butter cream flavored with Strawberry Liqueur and sliced fresh strawberries and cut in two to allow me to assemble them around the central dowel. I then crumb coated the dress with a heavy butter cream (not whipped). This prevents the fondant sliding when finishing the decoration.

The whole thing was then covered in rolled fondant, smoothed and allowed to dry off before adding the frills around these are plain rolled fondant and were pleated as I attached them them using sugar glue (fondant and warm water mixed to a thick brushable paste).

She stands 43cm high and the whole thing from start to delivery took me approx. 80 hours. María José was blown away by it as were the guests.