The Ugly Dress Cake

Being a teenager, I know a lot about fashion. And as it happens I love to bake, I was first choice to make an “Ugly Dress Cake” for an Ugly Dress themed tea party hosted by a friend’s mother. So I began to mentally create the shape of  the cake. It was requested that it  be a 3D cake, so that created a lot of work.  I did not mind so much, for I enjoy the creation and crafting of cakes.

I used a 9 inch Pyrex bowl to make the skirt and a small mason jar for the torso. I live in a tropical country and because the humidity makes any regular icing runny, I have to use  butter cream icing and marshmallow fondant. I have learned that when making the fondant to use plenty of corn starch. If I do not then it will be one very sticky and gooey mess.

When everything was ready I began to decorate. I really did not have a plan on how it was going to turn out, I honestly was just, ” wingin’ it”. The hardest part for me was to  decorate the “Ugly Dress Cake” for I like all of my colors to coordinate and match in style. So I tried to pick colors that clashed and would not be flattering if ever worn together. The process of putting the pieces of the puzzle together finally began. I just began putting pieces together not sure what the final product would look like. I was going to use cup cakes as big puffy looking  sleeves but because the cake was so soft and fluffy it tore and would not hold up in position. So I went to Plan B, I made sleeves from fondant and it turned out just perfect. I also attempted to make a hat for the dress but not having a head it became a “clown collar”.

All the ladies loved the cake and thought it to be perfect for the occasion. It became the edible center piece for the table. I received many complements on my work, and it left everyone in awe of what can be done with a cake and some icing when put into the right hands.

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