When it came time to make my daughter’s first birthday cake I cracked out the old family photo album and decided to imitate my own first birthday cake, made for me by my nana. I’m not sure what flavour cake it was but the look on my brother and cousin’s faces in the picture say enough!

Since she is only one year old I decided to make my daughter’s cake without using sugar in the recipe. I made a hummingbird cake with 5 fruits (pineapple, banana, stewed apples and feijoas, and sultanas) and lots of aromatic spices. In stark contrast to the sugar free cake, the outside was plastered with a cream cheese icing and decorated with layers of marshmallows, big and small, arranged to look like flowers on the dress. For the doll’s top I used pink fondant, which I rolled with a swirl pattern, and finished the join at the back in a sort of corset style with silver cachous studded along her back.

Missing only a cocktail umbrella, I think I did a pretty cool replica of my own cake for my baby’s first of many cool cakes to come.