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Tinkerbell and Friends Forest Cake

This Tinkerbell and Friends forest cake idea was originally for my daughter. Unfortunately she decided she wanted to have a Pokémon cake instead. I was disappointed as I had the vision of this cake and was dying to see it in actual cake form. I was asked by a close friend if I knew of somewhere that could make her daughter a one of a kind Tinkerbell cake for her upcoming birthday.

I jumped at the chance and described my idea to her. Needless to say she loved it and the mission was on. I ordered the mini cake tops online. Each fairy is an individual 6 inch 2 layer cake. The tree stump is covered with fondant and I used a paint brush to add the brown. I thought this would give it a more wood look. I also used a fork to make the indention on the fondant to give it a bark type look.

It took a while to make but the look on her daughter’s face when she saw that cake coming through the front door was priceless.

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