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Totally Twister Tornado Cake

The tornado was made from cotton candy.  I used wooden skewers to hold the form and attach tornado to cake. The cake is a basic 9″ X 13″ iced to look like a road.  Crushed oreos make up the path of the storm.

I was pressed for time. Would change dozens of things about this cake to make it look nicer. Would have piped “real” grass, made tree out of chocolate, made tornado more realistic looking, done some piping at base of cake, etc….  I may not have been completely happy with the outcome, but my son LOVED it.  So I guess that is all that matters.  Right?

Since making this one, my son requested another tornado cake the following year. That time I made a house out of graham crackers with a wall on one side missing, as though the tornado caused damage. You could see inside the house and the different floors with furniture broken, torn wallpaper, bricks lying everywhere. It was a much better cake. I even included telephone posts and wires that were broken and/or blown down. It was quite impressive. If I can locate those pictures, I will send them in to the website and include information on items I used to create the cake, and how I did it. It wasn’t hard, just a little time consuming.

If something didn’t work out how I thought it would, I just tried something else. I enjoy coming up with ideas, figuring out how I can make it all work, and then presenting my idea and work in the form of a cake. I love the challenge and seeing the reaction on people’s faces when I give them what they wanted. If you let your creative side free and stop telling yourself, “Well, I can’t do that” or “That won’t work”, you would be surprised at what you CAN do. It may not look “perfect”, but at least keep trying.  Don’t give up.  After all, practice makes great cakes!

Totally Twister Tornado Cake

Totally Twister Tornado Cake

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