My dad was a John Deere engineer for 30 years and my family has been delighted that my now two-year old son loves John Deere tractors. For my son’s birthday, I did a John Deere tractor cake with a hay wagon behind it.

I used standard loaf cakes for the tractor and trailer, and stacked two thick slices of one loaf for the cab, which I secured using wooden skewers. For the wheels, I used large chocolate donuts for the back wheels and small “donettes” for the front and trailer, and filled the centers with yellow frosting.

I stacked Rice Krispie treats for the hay bales on the wagon. I think I used 4 bottles of green food coloring to achieve John Deere green! A trick to get the really black frosting: I dyed two batches of white frosting green, and when I had completed all of the green parts, I added black dye. It was an easy mix to start with the dark green and get up to a nice rich black color.

I tossed coconut in a Ziplock with yellow and red to get the dirt road, and in green in a separate bag for the grass. My son was very surprised to see a tractor in the fridge on the morning of his party!