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Cool Train Cake Made With Mini Cake Rolls

I got the basic idea for this train cake from your fantastic site but made a few adjustments.

My little boys third birthday clashed with other work commitments so I needed to be able to throw something together in 15mins, which I did.

As you can see its made from mini cake rolls (Cadbury’s), the wheels are the tiny biscuits you get on Iced Gem snacks, each child’s name is written with a tube of writing icing. I cut one cake roll to 2/3 its length and attached it to another roll with cocktail sticks, which were removed before the birthday boy got it.

The engine wheels and funnel are from a bag of Licorice All Sorts. The tracks are just Cadbury’s chocolate fingers laid side by side. Three tall skinny candles finished the look.

Very easy, done in 15 mins and the kids loved having their name on their own piece of the cake.

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