Tri Tip Dinosaur Cake

This dinosaur cake was done for my son on his third birthday, I did this completely by hand, I used the fondant, for the the bone structure, painting it with icing food coloring to give it definition.

I used regular white icing, store bought, but made it thicker by adding powdered sugar, this was made with a 8 inch round cut in half to form the main body, and another 9 inch to do the head, legs and tail! Simple right?!

Put the entire body together with regular brown icing, then use your colored icing, your choice of colors, to decorate and accent the dinosaur. Use your imagination, I added grass, and used crushed up graham cracker crumbs for the sand around the dinosaur.

This may not look like much to you but this was the first time trying this, thought I would share it! Thank you!

One Proud Mom

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