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Unicorn? Pegasus? No! It’s an Alicorn Birthday Cake!

Many people mistake the alicorn for a unicorn or a pegasus. The alicorn is in fact its own amazing mythical creature. It has the horn of the unicorn and the wings of the pegasus. I had seen a lot of unicorn cakes like this one floating around the Internet but adding the wings just made it something special.

To make the wings I made a batch of royal icing and piped it out on parchment paper and left it to dry for a couple days. I then dry dusted the wings with shimmering pinks blues and purples. The horn also took a few days to make as it needed drying time and I also needed to add multiple layers of gold paint to get the saturated color I was after.

I hand cut the eyes out of fondant and painted them. Out of all of the cakes I have made this still remains one of my absolute favorites.

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