Victorian Vintage Birdcage Cake for my ‘Vintage’ Sister-in-Law

My sister in law loves all things vintage elegant and Victorian so I made her a birthday cake that had all those elements. I stacked 2- 6 inch cakes and then made the rounded top by baking the top layer in a half ball pan. I used raspberry filling in a French vanilla cake.

The cake is frosted in regular butter cream– then I went over the white BC with two thin layers of turquoise to give it the color without making all the icing turquoise –thereby avoiding blue teeth!  The ‘cage’ is made of modeling chocolate that I  brushed with gold mixed with lemon extract to give it the antique gold look. I used a barouqe Wilton mold and another one for the base of the cake. I went ahead and wrapped the base of the cake board with the modeling chocolate to make it look like it was part of the cage. Yellow fondant butterflies edged with gold and winding vines from my clay extruder (can’t live without it!) and pink and white fondant blossoms finish out the cake.

Because I wasn’t really pressed for time (she was late coming in by a day), I had time to play with details. She was floored when she saw it and didn’t want to cut into it….but I made her and she enjoyed it thoroughly.

I had taken a ton of pictures with a white lace backdrop but while it was just sitting on my breakfast table the sun was shining through and I thought it looked so pretty I took another picture and I’m using this one as my submission.

It may look complicated, but really it was simple and so much fun! I love using molds in creative ways!

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