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Webkinz Cake

This is my daughter’s Wheel of Wow Webkinz Cake for her 10th birthday party. With the right supplies, it is easy to make. If you can ‘paint by number’ then you can make this cake.

Icing: Store bought Wilton icing, watered down with 2 tbsp of water per container. The icing was colored with Wilton icing colors. The stars were made with Wilton cake decorating tips and piping bags. Basic Wilton supplies are usually available at your local craft store.

Cake Pan: The cake pan is not a normal round cake pan. It is a large Wilton pan that feeds 35 people. I only did a one layer cake. You could probably use two regular cake pans and just layer them on top of each other to get enough cake to feed your group.

“Wheel of Wow” letters: The letters are the regular birthday letters that you buy in the grocery store. I only bought one pack. The two “w”s in “Wow” are actually the letter “m” placed upside down!

Prizes on top of the cake: These were borrowed from my daughter’s Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop toys.

What you can’t see: As an added bonus, I purchased little charms from a craft store. I tied a bright ribbon to each charm and placed the charm between the cake and the cardboard tray. The ribbon was hanging out from underneath the cake; the charms were hidden beneath the cake. Then, I decorated the cake. When it was time to cut the cake, each girl got to pull out a charm and keep it as a party favor. The charms were a big hit with the girls!

7 thoughts on “Webkinz Cake”

  1. I love the cake it is so cool. I’m gonna ask my mom to make one for my tenth birthday party. My grandma is a professional cook. So she can make one with real candy for the decorations. I’m gonna go ask her. She said she would make one for my tenth birthday.

  2. its kinda childish but yet it looks really good! i wouldn’t want it as my my cake though im 15

  3. i love this cake it is so cool. and it doesn’t matter what age u are because i am 15 and i still have a webkinz account as a madder of fact i have 17 webkinz so there. don’t hate on webkinz. see u lata hatas


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